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A Nice Cup Of Tea And A Gluten-Free Biscuit

A Nice Cup Of Tea And A Gluten-Free Biscuit

As you have probably already guessed by now, we're big fans of baking. Gluten-free baking to be exact! We love to find and test delicious gluten-free recipes for dishes that taste just as good (or better!) than their gluten counterparts. 

This week, we've been combating the chilly weather by spending our evenings with a cup of our favourite Yogi Tea, a good book and some freshly baked gluten-free biscuits! 

Here's the gluten-free biscuit recipes that we've tested and absolutely loved!

Almond & Pecan Biscuits

We stumbled across this simple recipe on Waitrose's site, and since then we've lost count of how many batches we've baked! These biscuits have a real crunchy and nutty taste and are a great accompaniment to a cup of classic English Breakfast tea. Take a look at the full recipe here. 

Vegan & Paleo Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies

You've probably noticed our love for Christine Bailey's amazing recipes. We really like Christine's use of ingredients and the outcome is always delicious. These cookies are a tasty, healthy alternative to typical Chocolate Chip cookies. For a truly indulgent chocolate experience, why not try these cookies with a cup of Yogi Tea's Choco Chili tea - delicious! Take a look at the full recipe here

Paleo Pistachio Biscotti

Yep, this is another amazing recipe from Christine Bailey (you can tell we're kind of obsessed with her site!). This is one of the best biscotti recipes we've tried, and the result is extremely light, crunchy and packed full of flavour. To really experience this biscotti as the Italians intended, pair with a black tea. Take a look at the full recipe here

Orange Shortbread

We've been searching for a shortbread recipe with a kick for a while, so we were delighted to find this fantastic orange shortbread recipe on BBC Goodfood. The orange flavour really brings this shortbread to life and when we love to match it with a cup of Yogi Tea's Ginger Orange tea for a citrus sensation! Have a go yourself by following this recipe

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